Jump on Board

When you find something you love you should add more of it into your life. Crew members:

  • Laugh out loud; we don't take ourselves too seriously.
  • Dig our toes into the sand with happy memories.
  • Pickup seaside treasures before they disappear

Crew members are automatically upgraded to the upper deck and get VIP treatment!

Want first dibs on new designs? "Washed Ashore" is a weekly quick look before it goes public.

Hunting for a private sale? Crew members get discounts that are not available to land lubbers.

Love to be part of a special group? I share things with the Crew that no one else knows.

Becoming part of the Crew is our opportunity to get to know one another better. I'll never sell or share your info and you can jump off the boat any time you want.

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Cheryl- SS Magpie