Collection Pre-Sale

A First Look at What's New

Every 6-8 weeks, I create brand new designs for our "Pre-Sale" party. The party only lasts for 24 hours, and the pieces go fast! Scroll down to learn more about the event & how you can join the fun.

The Pre-Sale Party!

What does 'Presale' mean?

The 'Presale' is your opportunity to pickup new collection pieces before they go public.

During the party, the pieces are 95% complete. (The stones still need to be set and the ear wires/chains added before shipping.) You get to customize the ear wire style and the chain length.

How does the Presale work?

The Crew "First Look": If you're part of my email list (AKA "The Crew") you get to see the collection first.

  1. At noon on party day, Crew members receive an email containing images of all the new designs, pricing and information about each piece.
  2. Crew members get free shipping, and special pricing that's not available anywhere else.
  3. The Crew party lasts 24 hours and then the special pricing expires and the pieces go public.

The "Social Splash": After the private 'Crew' release closes, the remaining pieces will be posted to the SS Magpie Facebook and Instagram pages.

  1. Each post will contain descriptions and more information on each piece.
  2. Pieces picked up during the "social splash" get free shipping.
  3. All the designs are first come/first serve so respond as soon as possible.

Invoicing: Whether you purchase during the "First Look" period (special pricing & free shipping) or the "Social Splash" (free shipping only), you will be sent a website link for your items. This will allow you to choose your form of payment and also get tracking information on your purchase. You will have 24 hours to pay for your items.

Shipping: All pieces sold during the Presale will ship within 2 weeks of the sale.

Coupons and gift cards are eligible for this event.

Crew members get the best deals. Get on board today! Scroll down and click the button to join.