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The Spaces In Between

Practice life in moderation so you may taste the joys of life in abundance

What would you do if you suddenly found yourself surrounded by silence? An expansion of the quiet spaces we cram in between the chaos. Imagine, uninterrupted time to do whatever, whenever you want- Yesssss! I bet many of you would jump for joy.

This is exactly how I felt last November when we moved off the boat for the season to our home in Virginia. Long candle scented bubble baths, hours of creative design space in my studio, time to just reflect, plan and dream. After so many years of rushing through life, I finally find I have time to just ‘be’. I’m not gonna lie, it’s pretty great.

Time slows down when it’s quiet. I find myself standing at the window most mornings, gazing out in search of a timid deer or a brilliant red cardinal. My home is in the woods so, at night, I can look up and see a million tiny twinkles so bright and clear it takes your breath away.

Cardinal Bird
Cardinals are thought to be visitors from those who have gone before us.
Seeing one is good luck!

If you’re an extrovert like me though, eventually, even the most blissful of silence becomes pretty loud. So what do I do? Practice moderation.

Outings in my car have become the thrill they were as a child! I can easily find myself yammering away (that’s southern for “talks to much”) with Lisa and her Waterman father at the local seafood store for 15 minutes before we get around to placing my order for fresh oysters and local fish. Several times a week, I visit the tiny post office to ship jewelry orders (thank you very much.) Laurie, the Post Mistress, and I have become good friends. She went on vacation last week to visit Graceland. I can’t wait to go see her this week and find out if she chatted with Elvis.

When I’m not out harassing the town folk, I love chatting with you. I am told I have the gift of ‘gab’. Whenever possible, I enjoy picking up my phone and joining you live on Facebook. It’s great when you participate in the conversation (it’s so much fun to see your comments, smiley faces and hearts). But even when I’m talking only to myself, I still feel a connection with you. Perhaps you will catch a few minutes of my weekly dockside chat on your way home from work and it will give you something to contemplate. Or maybe you’ll join me for one of the monthly live trunk shows where we drink wine, check out my newest designs, and share a little time with one another. Mostly, though, it’s my way of creating a personal moment with you in this noisy, busy world. I treasure it.

Where I once talked, now I listen.

Slowly, I’m settling into the rhythm of this new life. Maybe it’s the lure of small towns. Perhaps it’s the way things south of the Mason Dixon line. Mostly, though I think it’s finding that balance of ‘moderation’ so that I can enjoy the abundance of life.

So the next time you find yourself rushing to see what’s next, stop and look around. Treasure the silence. You may find a whole new prospective in the quiet spaces in between.

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Journey Postcards on the beach
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