How to Buy a Ring Online

How to Buy a Ring Online

It happened! You were browsing my website and fell in love with a beautiful set of blue Topaz stacking rings. The pale tone of a Swiss Blue, or the deep ocean tone of a London Blue, combined with textured silver rings that sparkle in the sunlight. You can already picture yourself wearing these stylish stackers with your favorite jeans or layering them on top of your wedding ring for an updated bridal look. You’re just about ready to click “Add to Cart” when it hits you.

You have no idea what size ring you wear

This is a common dilemma when shopping online for a new ring. One work around is to purchase an adjustable ring. These are great if you have an idea of your ring size, but aren’t completely sure. They are also wonderful if you’re like me and your fingers swell with activity or humidity (ahhhh…summer!) But what if you want a traditional ring?

Here’s your solution

I can pop a free multi-use ring sizing tool in the mail for you, or you can use this handy chart to measure one of your existing rings. Just click on the image below to get a downloadable PDF you can print and use.

Ring Sizing Chart
Click the image to download a secure printable PDF

So, you’ve downloaded your chart, or received your sizer in the mail. Now the fun begins! Choose your ring style.

Stacker Rings: Easy peesy. Email me your ring size and we’re good to go. Your custom size rings will be available in 7-10 days.

Adjustable Rings: Even with my adjustable rings, I’ll still ask for your ring size. Why? Because the nature of the designs are such that while my adjustable rings have some “give”, the stones and silver are often met to line up a certain way to maintain the look you fell in love with.

Spinner Rings: These fun rings are big and bold. Due to the wide band, you will want to go 1/2 size larger than your normal ring size.

One-of-a-Kind Rings: These rings are designed to be worn on a specific finger. I use the most common US ring size for that finger when I’m creating one. They can be enlarged up to a 1/2 size, but they can’t be made smaller due to having stones already set. Love one but it’s not your size? I’d love to make a custom ring, in a similar style, just for you. Let’s chat!

What if you get your ring and it needs to be resized? No worries! Even the most accurate measurement sometimes isn’t perfect (although, using the above tools get’s us there 98% of the time). I’m happy to re-size your ring at no additional cost.

Finally, it’s fun to give someone a ring as a gift but hard to keep it a surprise if you don’t know their size right? No problem. Choose a gift certificate in the amount you need for your ring choice. I’ll put together a pretty package complete with a picture of the ring, a ring sizing tool, and your special message that you can gift!

Rings are a hot fashion statement right now. Hopefully, this has made it easy for you to pick just the right look (in the right size) for your next purchase. I’d love to make something spectacular for you so let’s get together and design your next ring.

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