Chesapeake Bay at Sunset

The Little Things

“Enjoy the little things in life for one day you’ll look back and realize they were the big things.”

How many times have you heard this quote? Have you actually stopped to think about what it really means? Life is made up of a series of little moments. Some significant, some just background noise but I would wager to bet that most of us pass through our days allowing the little things to just be white noise in our quest for the “next” thing.

When I worked a corporate job, I was always wishing for the weekend so I could have 2 days just to myself to do whatever I wanted. I would commute 2 hours a day, listening to podcasts, and think about the next thing I had to do. Barely would I notice the drive EXCEPT for this time of year. Winter would finally be releasing us from its cold clutches and spring was fighting its way in. I would start to notice green buds on the trees. The birdsongs would come back. Ahhhhh! Beach season is right around the corner- break out the shorts and flips.

Now that I work for myself, I make more time to stop and look around. Living in Virginia these past few months has given me an appreciation for the things I used to take for granted back in Rock Hall. I miss the sunsets I would see nightly from the dock of the bay. I can’t wait to return to Tolchester beach in search of seaglass for my designs. I miss the easy smile and wave of my fellow marina friends or a local ‘towny’. I miss the gentle rocking of my boat during a rain storm. But the missing has made me more aware of what I have today, and for that, I’m grateful.

  • I heard the tree frogs start their chorus of spring just a few days ago.
  • I can walk down to the water and watch the Tundra swans gracefully floating and singing during their winter migration.
  • The marsh is recapturing its briny sea smell so reminiscent of the low country.
  • My dog loves me so unconditionally that it makes my heart sing.
Sweet little tree frogs means Spring!

I’ve been here for 2 months. I setup my design studio, officially became “Southern” (according to the DMV), and finally met a few neighbors. But, as always, I can’t get too comfortable. In about 6 weeks, things will change again as we head to Maryland and move back onto the boat. The first time, was interesting (you can read about that here). I wonder what it will feel like this time- Hummmmm?

I know I will be very busy getting Eclipse ready to launch this summer. We’re continuing to follow the dream forward towards cruising to parts south this fall. One thing’s for sure though. I won’t be the same person returning this spring that left last winter. I’ve learned to slow down. Take it all in. Appreciate the little things. After all, it’s the little things that really matter 🙂

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