Aurora Borealis

The Frozen Fire- Labradorite

Are you entranced by the Aurora Borealis? That “frozen fire” that lights up the northern sky with glowing streaks of purple, green and blue. Labradorites are one of my favorite stones because they display the fire and glow of the Northern Lights from which they get their name.

Labradorite (the Stone of Magic) encourages exploration of spirituality and other forces outside of our physical world. It represents an ancient connection between the earth and sky and can help foster a deeper link to the magical aspects of life.

Every year, I celebrate the lights by creating a few special pieces like this necklace, to capture that winter magic.

Blue & Green Fire Glow From Within

The Aurora Borealis, aka Northern Lights, are best viewed in the USA in Fairbanks, Alaska between the months of December – March. While there is a scientific explanation for this amazing light show, I consider them to be one of the most beautiful displays of the world’s special magic.

What Causes the Lights?

The energy for making the northern lights comes from something called “solar wind” which is generated by the sun. The solar wind drifts away from the Sun through space, carrying tiny protons and electron particles. When the solar wind reaches Earth, it runs into the Earth’s magnetic field. The magnetic field forces the solar wind to travel towards the magnetic poles both north and south. As the particles enter the Earth’s atmosphere, they release energy. This swirling energy causes the northern lights.

If you’re traveling to Australia, the light show is also visible June – August in the southern hemisphere. The name for this is Aurora Australis

A Glow in Every Stone

So what do Labradorites have to do with the Aurora Borealis? Well, legend says the Labradorite is the physical form of this natural light show. The colorful glow was trapped inside the coastal rocks of Labrador in Canada and laid awaiting discovery amongst the Inuit people. One day, a warrior came and struck the rock with his spear releasing the magical colors into the sky. Some of the energy remained crystallized inside them forever more.

If you’re looking to discover your own piece of magic, try out your lapidary (aka rock cutting) skills. You can find Labradorite deposits in the US and countries like Norway, Finland and Canada.

Not into cutting rocks? I got you covered

Join me for our monthly Facebook Live trunk show on Tuesday, January 19th where I’m featuring new Labradorite jewelry. We’ll also be creating our own “Northern Light” salt candles. Want to know how? Click the link below to join the Crew and get a free guide for creating your own glowing candle.

It’s time to put a little magic into you world with Labradorites.

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