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Being The Best Version of Yourself

It is said that the purpose of life is to become the best version of yourself. I really believe this. We get one shot at this in our relatively short time on this rock so I strive to live to that every single day.

A few years ago I came across these 6 Rules of Success for living an epic life. These really resonated with me so I’ll share them with you.

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#1- Trust yourself ~ No matter how many friends you have, or how great your family is at supporting and cheering you on, there will come a time when you just have to depend on numero uno. Know yourself and always be true to who you really are. (I learned a beautiful lesson once about personal integrity. It was a hard pill to swallow, but I’m glad I did. You can read more about that here.) I know- at times you may need to employ the whole “fake it ‘til you make it” strategy. We’ve all been there. But at the end of the day, know who you really are inside and out. Trust yourself to do the right thing. If you can’t do that, you will never get others to trust and believe in you. Trust builds self-confidence and there is nothing sexier than a confident woman!

#2- Break some rules ~ The world is full of signs, people telling you ‘no’ and rules. So much so, that often you can become suffocated with peoples ‘best intentions’ to protect you from yourself. You can’t step too close to the edge of a cliff, or swim in a sparkling blue deserted quarry without risking to wrath of ‘the man’. (Don’t ask me how I know about that last one, that’s another story.) My take on rules is simple. As long as you are not doing harm in any way, sometimes it’s your duty to break the rules. Years ago, while vacationing in Hawaii with friends, we broke several rules and made some of the most wonderful memories that will last for the rest of my life. Often the best experiences are had, strongest friendships are made and the shaping of your life happens when you color outside the lines. Don’t be afraid to challenge things you don’t believe in. If you truly want to live an ‘epic’ life, sometimes you have to break the rules.

#3- Don’t be afraid to fail ~ Last time I checked, I am not perfect and neither are you. If you always do everything right, than you never learn anything. It’s in those moments of failure that not only do you learn what ‘not’ to do, but you also shape and define yourself. You get the chance to decide if you’re going to let failure defeat you or if are you going to get up, dust yourself off, and come up with an even better way to succeed. Failure reminds you that you’re human. It’s humbling and sometimes embarrassing but I promise you, it’s not permanent and the scars will fade. Failing means you tried. Trying means you are living. Living is what you were put on this earth to do! Never stop failing.

#4- Ignore the naysayers ~ Every time you allow them to seep into your consciousness, it takes your eyes off your goal and saps energy from you. This is a huge one for me. Let’s face it folks. I’m pretty much the poster child for doing crazy things that, according to all the normal people, are never going to work. I sold my stuff, quit my ‘safe’ corporate job, and float around the planet on a sailboat. On top of all that, I decided to create an online business selling handmade jewelry in a pretty crowded- ok, let’s be honest, saturated- space! Hell, it’s so popular that Youtube videos have been made to poke fun at people like me. I remember I once told someone that I was going to sell my jewelry online to help support our cruising lifestyle. She responded flat out that I would “not be successful because everyone was making jewelry.” Well, you know what? 3 years later I’m selling jewelry (and not just to my mom). Oh, and guess what? Someone’s husband bought a beautiful silver bracelet from ‘little old me’ for ‘know-it-all’ her! HA- “Not successful” my ass.

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Rule #5- Work like hell ~ I have many friends who are liveaboards. For the non-yachting community, this means they live, and work, from their boats like you live in your house with one big difference. If you don’t like the view, you have the ability to change it by just pulling up the anchor. To many people, their life looks simple, easy-peesy and carefree. The reality? It’s a shit ton of work. Boats always want to be “one with the water” and you are constantly fixing leaks. There is no ‘security’ of the known weekly paycheck and the sea is can be an angry mistress when hurricanes decide to form. Not an easy life. Why do they do it? Because it’s freedom on their own terms, of their own making. Jim Simcoe once said “the deeper your vision is, and the deeper you believe in your vision, the harder you are willing to work and it doesn’t feel like work.” So, work like hell towards your dream.

Rule #6- Give something back ~ One of my mom’s favorite sayings is “pretty is as pretty does.” This same rule applies to helping others. I believe it’s our responsibility to give a hand up and help when we can. I’ve been blessed with a strong body, a creative soul and the will to make my life the best it can be. This philosophy is really whats at the heart of SS Magpie. Yep, I sell pretty jewelry inspired by the sea. But my bigger goal is to help you have the courage to take a little chance. To do something crazy, wonderful, scary and exciting with your life. To pursue the dream in your heart. When someone says I’ve “inspired” them, that’s the most wonderful blessing I receive. There are no selfless acts though. You will get more out of giving back than anyone you are helping so find something that resonates, lend a hand up and fill your soul.

There you have it! Hopefully these 6 rules touch your soul the way they did mine and you’ll think about how to incorporate them into your journey. I’d love to hear about where your going so please comment back, or join me over on Facebook to start a conversation.

Go live your “Epic life!”

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