Summer Solstice Celebration- The #longestday

Summer Solstice Celebration- The #longestday

I have always believed that the summer solstice is a magical day and this year is no exception. June 21st marks the longest period of daylight hours we will get all year. 3 hours and 17 minutes longer than the winter solstice (the shortest day) to be exact. It’s also the official start of summer, which, if you’re like me, it’s your favorite time of the year. I personally celebrate the summer solstice every year, usually with at trip to my happy place- the beach. I love the hypnotic roll of the waves and the sound of the surf crashing upon the shore. The sand is warm beneath my toes, and, if it’s a lucky day, I watch the dolphins play offshore just past the waves. My most recent collection ‘Sand & Sea was born of the memory of a beautiful day on the water. You can tell by the product descriptions in that collection that I’m doing some heavy yearning for the ocean, so to the beach I will journey!

The word ‘solstice’ is derived from Latin “Sol (sun) & Sistere (to stand still). This meaning is especially poignant to me because it’s exactly what I’m inviting you to do with me this year- stand still and listen to your soul. If you’ve been enjoying my Facebook Live videos or Instagram Stories for the past week or so, then you have probably heard about my #longestday party. If not, here’s all the details:

The #longestday is for dreaming! So, on Thursday, June 21st, you’re invited to virtually join me to spend some time thinking about what your wish is for the rest of your life. 100 hearts and minds sending our wish out into the cosmos for what the next phase of our life might look like. Do you want to travel, spend more time with your grand kids, start your own business or live aboard a sailboat like me? Well, this is the day to spend at least 5 minutes harnessing a bit of the magic that is the summer solstice and start planning for the next, best, rest of your life.

Get your FREE solstice celebration bracelet!

  • Your FREE Bracelet: Everyone who registers to join me (you can do that here) by June 14th will receive a FREE solstice celebration bracelet and party pack. The bracelet is a silver disk with the word ‘Wish’ hand stamped on it. Wear it on the solstice so you remember to think about your dream.
  • The Virtual Party Details: You’ll receive special emails about the Summer Solstice as we draw closer to the longest day!
  • Win a Custom W.i.s.h.: As an added bonus, I’m picking one lucky solstice sun seeker to win a custom ‘W.i.s.h.’ piece. Everyone who registers gets entered to win. One person, chosen at random, will have a one-on-one design consultation with me for your own custom piece. You can earn more entries by inviting a friend to join you (let me know who you refer) and by posting your solstice moment on Facebook or Instagram on the day of the solstice.
  • Your Personal Celebration: I invite you to plan your own solstice activity. Maybe it’s a trip to your favorite beach? Perhaps you will spend the day on the water sailing with a group of friends. Maybe, you will take dinner outdoors and picnic around a backyard campfire. The Solstice is about honoring the elements – Earth, Fire, Water- so whatever your activity, make sure you spend a little time outside soaking in the sun.

So what could be better? You get a free bracelet (a $35 value), all the solstice details, a chance to win a custom design (valued up to $95), and the magic of the longest day supporting your wish! I’ll be coming to you live throughout the day bringing you into my solstice celebration and I want to see what you’re up to also. So snap a photo and post it on Facebook or Instagram, tag SS Magpie, show me what you’re doing, and if you feel like it, share your wish!

Don’t delay- registration closes at midnight on June 14th!

I’d love for you to join me in the fun but you have to act fast. Registration closes June 14th (that’s a mere 3 days from now!) so don’t delay. Click on the image above to get started. You’ll be asked for your e-mail address, so I can send you info for your FREE bracelet and party kit, plus all the fun details.

Remember, the #longestday is for dreaming about the life you want to live!

xoxo – Cheryl

P.S. (Solstice bracelets & party kits are for US residents only but everyone can join the party virtually. Thanks!)

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