Signs from the Universe

Signs from the Universe

It was a miraculous day for a Thursday.

I was driving today enjoying one of my favorite pastimes- listening to an audio book. A few months ago I was inspired to pickup Gabrielle Bernstein’s new book “The Universe Has Your Back.” I’ve never read any of Gabby’s work so I was looking forward to the exploration. However, as things go, I never had time to actually sit down and read a book. Some little voice kept speaking to me though, nudging me to open the book. So, I finally broke down and used my monthly subscription credit to (thanks for the birthday gift hubby Tom) and downloaded the audio version. I’ve been listening to it for the past few days on my commute and am really moved by what Gabby had to share today regarding signs from the universe.

One of the lessons from today was entitled “The Universe Works Fast When You’re Having Fun.” Basically, Gabrielle was sharing her story of a time when she was struggling with something in her life. In the midst of so much frustration, she decided to surrender her frustration and turn it over to the universe. She said a prayer and asked for a sign to guide her. Within days of asking for assistance, she saw her sign over and over. The universe was speaking to her! So, I decided to try the same. I am working very hard to take my little jewelry business to a different level. Some days are wonderful, some are frustrating. I decided to say a prayer to the universe and release my fear of failure. In my prayer, I asked for a sign if I was working towards the right thing. For me, the dragonfly has long represented a special sign from heaven so I asked to see a dragonfly. Now remember, it’s currently March in the great northeast. There are no natural dragonflies in sight, so the universe was going to have to get crafty if I was going to get my sign. After saying my prayer, I let go of the feelings of angst I have been carrying around, pulled into Starbucks for my morning tea and decided to let the universe take over.

Here’s where the magic starts. Within less than ¼ mile of being back on the highway I came to a traffic light. Next to me was a red work van- some kind of extermination company. On the back of the van, was a logo. The “bug” on the logo looked remarkably like…..a dragonfly. I smiled and immediately felt a warm sensation rush over me (no, it was not a hot flash thank you!) However, it wasn’t exactly my sign, so I said out loud “close, but not quite. You’re going to have to do better than that.” (Yep, I’m that crazy lady who talks to herself out loud in the car). Upon arriving to work, I had actually put the dragonfly out of my mind. I walked over to a co-workers desk to say good morning and immediately spotted a new addition to her desk decoration. It was none other than a sparkling dragonfly. I got the message loud and clear.

So, the next time you are struggling with something, take a chance and practice letting go. Hold your mala, send your message out into the universe and believe that you will receive your sign. I hope you experience your own special miracle.

When you believe, signs turn up everywhere ~ Lyn Ragan

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