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One of a Kind Life

Are you living a one of a kind life?

It’s early morning, I’m drinking my tea and thinking about what to write for this week’s blog post. I have the windows open. I can hear the sounds of the birds and the rushing waterfall from my backyard pond. It’s quiet, serene and a little magical.

Getting down to the business of the day, I opened my “Note from the Universe” email. These are short messages that get delivered to my inbox Monday – Friday. I’ve been getting them for years and look forward to the daily nuggets of wisdom. Today’s message inspired this post.

So it made me think. What does it really mean to live a one of a kind life? Maybe it’s taking a non-traditional path with your career and starting your own business. Perhaps it’s living “off the grid” in a tiny home or sailboat, waking to a beautiful sunrise every day. Or, maybe, just maybe, it’s what each of us is doing every day when we dream a little dream.

You see, I believe every one of us is unique. There is something that we all bring to this life that no one else does in exactly the same way. Some people inspire others with their words. Some are empathetic caregivers who provide a shoulder to lean on. There are brilliant thinkers who advance our civilization with amazing technological inventions. And, there are artists who strive to fill the days with something beautiful.

The common thread among all of us is the desire to put our gifts out into the world. Think about the last time you supported a friend going through a rough patch. Or, joyfully celebrated someone else’s success. Or, that time when you tried to teach your child about how to be a better person. You don’t have to be Oprah to have your voice matter. You matter to the people in your life. You’re making a difference to the world every day.

So what makes the difference between living a typical life vs. having a one of a kind journey? Well, I think it’s our ability to take a wish that is a tiny spark deep within our soul from a little dream to an amazing reality. Big, or small. Epic or understated. It’s what we do with our gifts that delineate us from one another. It’s the small things in life that truly make it one of a kind.

So the next time you wonder if you’re one of a kind, remember your spark. There is no one else like you in all the world. Here’s to living an epic life!

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