No room at the Inn? Don't be silly!

No room at the Inn? Don't be silly!

Wow – what an amazing ride this has been! Thank you for your support, kind words, Facebook “share’s” and well, let’s be honest, the orders (ha ha). I’m thrilled to say I had a stellar first month. As an artist, having someone enjoy your handmade items is super cool for the ego and tasty food for the soul. Since I launched, I have been joyfully spending all my free time filling orders and working towards my next step of the dream because, after all, the best is yet to come. I believe that behind every good business idea should be a solid business plan. Mine is pretty detailed (I’m a marketing geek after all and have been soaking in the podcasts ever since my 3rd post) so Magpie’s 5 year plan includes the following goals:

  • Learn WordPress, build a website, launch my art. (DONE- Shout out to my Webanista Melody Puckett of Melody Notes for all her help on the truly tech stuff that baffled me!)
  • Launch my own Facebook business page(In the works!)
  • Identify and secure 5 retail locations that will carry my jewelry (wholesale or consignment)
  • Branch into other social media (Pinterest, Instagram, etc.)
  • Open an Etsy shop
  • Have my art published in Belle Armoire-Jewelry Magazine

Sound pretty lofty? Well maybe, but when I get overwhelmed, I just go back to basics. I only need to remember that if I can dream it, I can be it! This technique has worked for me for years. Here’s my most recent story of the power of intention.

So, I have been dreaming of being in boutiques for years. Look above- It’s one of my top goals. I review those goals every day so I’m not just consciously, but subconsciously working towards making them my reality. 4 days after I had launched my website, on a whim, I joined a Facebook group for people who make jewelry. Gotta keep on fueling the dream, right? So there I was, lurking about on Facebook, when a post appeared in my newly found group. It was a new post from a gallery owner looking for a jewelry artist for his retail location which just happens to be in Rock Hall, MD where I spend most of my weekends. Coincidence? I think not! So, there I was, staring at the post, the voice in my head saying “hit reply. Write something. Don’t just sit here.” I took a deep breath, mustered the courage, put a muzzle on the other voice in my head (the one with the pitchfork annoyingly poking at me chanting “you can’t do this”) and, before I could chicken out, posted back saying I was interested. Then I sat back in the chair. What the heck did I just do? Gulp…oh boy, I’m going to need more wine. So anyway, fast forward 3 weeks and guess what? Yesterday, I setup a great new collection in the Haven Point Inn & Gallery as the sole jewelry artist!! Whoop, Whoop! A good friend of mine recently wrote a cool e-book called “You Gotta Go to Know.” I’ll second that sentiment with “You Gotta Believe to Achieve.”

So, if you want to follow your dreams first you have to give them life. Write them down. Tell your family and friends. Heck, tell complete strangers! Just share your vision. Think about your dreams every day. Place symbols around you so you have a constant reminder of where you want to steer your course. (TWEET, TWEET {Mapgie speak for something that sparkles}…keep an eye out for W.I.S.H. ~ my new line of intentional jewelry coming soon!) But more than anything, just believe. Believe with everything you possess. Never, never let anyone tarnish that sparkle you hold in your heart. Your dream will become your reality!

~ In the waves of change we find our true direction ~

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