From Caterpillars to Dragonflies bracelet

How did I get here and where are my shoes?

Have you ever had a yearning inside that you can’t quite put your finger on? Some small voice that kept saying “there’s got to be more?” Well, I heard that voice, and it kept getting louder and louder until finally I say “Ok- enough already- I hear ya!”

I’m a professional business woman by day, crazy jewelry designer by night. One makes me money in the bank and the other makes me rich in my soul. I believe that at the end of the rainbow, it’s what you put in your soul that really counts. I decided to really pursue my love of jewelry and all that sparkles though when I decided to dream about selling it all and living, full time, on a boat. I thought, what can I do that won’t be a JOB, but will keep me busy and happy. I went to my first “Beadfest” with a girlfriend, and Wa-la! I decided to start making jewelry. Since that time I’ve taken over 40 classes and spent numerous hours perfecting my craft. I love to design. I love the colors, the cool feel of a Labordite stone, or the warmth of a freshwater pearl in my hand. I love making something beautiful from scattered pieces and then having someone else love it all the more.

So, here I am. Practicing barefoot, in preparation for someday living on a boat. Making beautiful art for others to love and sharing a bit of my life’s wisdom along the way to help inspire others to keep listening to that voice and finding your soul! I hope you find something in these pages that inspires you. Be Blessed!

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