Good Vibrations

Good Vibrations

I have a little secret. Besides drinking wine, eating chocolate and watching re-runs of Outlander I’m obsessed with something hard and dirty. I admit it. I’m a rock hound. (Oops- where was your mind going? ha ha) Just as I love anything sparkly (hence the “Magpie” part of my name) I could spend hours losing myself inside a rock shop. In my town, there is a funky little place called “Earth Speak” which carries thousands of raw and cut stones. This is the kind of shop that hangs prayer flags outside, burns incense, boasts an expansive collection of tarot cards, and, of course sells rocks. When I step inside, I always know that I’m going to come out with some tiny treasure. I can leave all my baggage from the day at the door and immerse myself in a room full of magic.

My love of rocks started at a really early age. I used to sit on top of giant boulders of quartz crystal rocks and chip away at the white and pink mounds for hours on end. As an adult, I find myself not able to resist picking up beach stones that have been tumbled by the sea, or building tiny cairns on a quiet trail. The inspiration for my popular Cairn necklace came from a sunny beach in Bonaire that was decorated with these stacked rock formations. It was a place of beauty, happiness and friendship and it moved my soul.

What is it about rocks that we find so irresistible? Gemstones have been used for centuries to enhance emotional, physical and spiritual balance. Certain cultures have even considered stones a significant part of their existence. Have you ever indulged in a hot stone massage? The warmth of the inner heat and the smooth surface make for memorable relaxation. I believe the true power of a stone however comes from pure science. All matter is made up of particles in motion. Rocks are no exception. Everything vibrates at a certain frequency. These frequencies have the ability to affect other objects that occupy their same space. A crystal – which vibrates at its own frequency – connects with other vibrations to stimulate biochemical shifts that affect physical health in a positive, healing way. As each stone has its own molecular vibration, it attaches specifically to other frequencies, hence the magic. Some critics say that the effects people feel surrounding a stone are all placebo. You know what? I’m ok with that. If I believe I get a feel good rush from a beautiful stone, where is the harm?

So, have I peeked your interest enough to want to learn more? If so, I’ve put together a free gemstone guide just for you. It’s organized by color because I believe you are naturally drawn to specific shades- (I’m a blue girl myself due to my love of the water), and lists the vibrational properties associated with each stone. You can click here for the free download.

I’d love to hear what your signature stone is and how you started loving it. If you’d like a custom Cairn necklace designed with your personal stones, just let me know. It’s a tiny way to carry good vibrations with you every day!

Do you want to know how to get started learning to Manifest a better life? Click the pic below and get started with my free download!

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