Silver Disk Necklace- Pearls of the Sea


This simple silver cup gently nestles a tiny freshwater pearl and sparkling clear crystal.  Each cup is hand etched with a design reminiscent of island palm then matte polished formed.  When the beads move with your natural motion, there is the a tiny chime that carries your soul into the sea.  Wear this pendant alone or layered as part of the Pearls of the Sea collection. Earrings are also available to round out your look.

Freshwater Pearl– Wisdom, Purity, Luck

Pearls are said to assist in centering and calming your soul. Freshwater pearls are in tune with the ebb and flow of life.  They nurture your faith, loyalty, integrity and purity. Although all pearls have this property, these pearls in particular are credited with a very strong absorbing nature; if a happy person wears these pearls, the pearls will be imbued with happiness.



A 3/4″ in diameter nickel silver disk is etched with a palm design then matte finished. Each disk is hand stamped and formed into a gentle cup. Tiny freshwater pearls and crystal beads dangle within the cup.  18″ sterling silver chain.  Each disk is treated to avoid tarnish.

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