Larimar Cairn Silver Bracelet


Life on a Caribbean island can be magical, until a category 5 hurricane hits.  On September 6th, category 5 Hurricane Irma passed directly over the tiny island of St. John leaving devastation in it’s wake.  I had the opportunity to visit my dear friends on this beautiful island this spring.  I met the people who live, love and work there.  I saw, first hand, the beauty and hardship of island life.  This hurricane has changed all that for so many.   In the wake of the storm, all I want to do is help in some way.  My jewelry is an extension of my soul.  It’s designs are made to represent energy, harmony and healing.  My friend, who lives on St. John, taught me about the power of intention and gave me my first piece of Larimar jewelry.  At the time, I remember remarking how the stone looked like the Caribbean sea and she told me that was because it’s only found on one island in the Caribbean.  That makes it special, rare, and beautiful just like the people who choose to live on these islands.  The Larimar Cairn bracelet represents the energy and joy that is this life.

The stones are stacked one atop the other in a cairn formation.  Cairns are stacked stones used as trail markers to help guide the traveler on her journey.  The Larimar Cairn is topped with a sparkling Swarovski crystal “star” as a reminder of hope and recovery.  I’ve set a personal goal to raise $5000 to help those people most in need on St. John.  By purchasing this bracelet, 100% of the proceeds will go to towards achieving that goal. Thank you for your support and god bless.


  • 100% of the sales of this item will be donated to St. John (USVI) to benefit the recovery effort from Hurricane Irma
  • 1″ Larimar gemstone stack.
  • 4mm Swarvoski crystal topper
  • Silver expandable bangle 8″ – 10.5″  (Also available in gold)
  • Handmade in the USA
  • Due to the nature of natural stones, sizes and colors may vary.
  • Questions? Contact: Cheryl Fuhs, SS Magpie /

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