The Heart of a Magpie

Within you quietly flows the power to dream deep, love fiercely and honor your gypsy soul.

  • Envisioning a life just outside the rules.
  • Embracing the peace of the sea.
  • Believing the connection between yourself and the universe.
  • Focusing on your dreams to steer your ship forward.

These are the elements that make you sparkle.  The jewel within that makes you unique.

Haven’t you always been a bit unconventional; a modern day hippie never quite mainstream?  Beautiful souls we are, prone to coloring with every shade in the box just slightly outside the lines.  For me, it began as a child, before the days of pierced ears.  I used to pilfer thread from my mom’s sewing basket and string shiny beads.  I would then hang my fabulous ‘earrings’ over my ears and parade around the house proudly showing everyone my bling.  My family said I took after a long gone great aunt who loved to wear jewelry with sparkle.   They called me a magpie always drawn to the glimmer, and shine.

In 2010 I succumbed to the wanderlust that kept quietly nudging at me.  I had the textbook life.  I was “living the dream” some say but inside I knew something was missing.   I would put on my heels and yearn for the simplicity of bare feet on the sand.  Highlight my hair and muse that if I could just spend more days in the sun it would happen naturally.  I wondered if perhaps in less, there is more.  A better life.   A simpler life.  When my husband said “what do you think about selling it all and living on a sailboat” I knew the voice in my heart was right.  To live a life where the only thing you can expect is the unexpected.  To do something crazy, hard, chaotic, glorious- anything but textbook is my destiny.  Nothing would ever be the same again.  I couldn’t wait.

So how do you navigate towards your dream?  You chart your course and set your intention.  Years ago I learned about manifestation.  The universal connection we all have that can turn dreams into reality.  This mindset has served me well and continues to do so as we prepare for life on the sea.  As I follow the wind joyfully into my future, my desire is to help honor the free soul within you.  My stories and designs guide you towards your vision.  I use sparkling crystals to capture the sunlight, semi-precious stones for their natural energy, and earthy elements to create designs that inspire your beachy, breezy spirit.  This is the heart of SS Magpie.

Always remember, within your boho gypsy spirit is the power to achieve your dream.  So start being the person you want to be and life will meet you there.


Cheryl- SS Magpie

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